Saturday, October 3, 2009

gettin' some kitty love

Love cats but can't have one where you live? Here's an interesting idea! This Cat Cafe pictured, is in Osaka Japan, and for Six hundred yen (about $5) you get all the cats you can pet for an hour. Upon entering the Cafe, you are sprayed with disinfectant and given slippers to put on.
The "Cafe" is divided into two areas. One actually looks like a cafe where you sit at a table with your coffee, tea,pastries or whatever whilest the feline of your choice sits on your lap, keeping you company. The other room is where you go just to pet the cats. You can even buy tuna to entice the aloof kitties into paying YOU some attention and letting you pet them. It seems like a great idea for people in apartments where they aren't allowed pets - but to me, it sounds a little bizarre.However, just like everything else in Japan, I'm sure Cat Cafe's will soon catch on in America.

via flushrush


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