Friday, September 5, 2008

bottled puddle water for your dog

Hydration is just as important to pets as it is to people. So why aren't our pooches guzzling pepsi, orange crush, coffee, chocolate milk or double martinis like us. After all they have taste preferences too. Odds are, for your dog and mine, toilet water or gutter water would win hands down over a bowl of fresh cold tap water any day.

Enter K9 Water Company founded by Susan Goldberg and Don Magier. Their mission: to deliver a tasty water for dogs that hydrates and nourishes. Their bottled water product is to dogs what Gatorade is to people and comes in four flavors - gutter water,toilet water,puddle water and hose water.

It can be found in all fifty states as well as parts of Asia and has become so popular that the bottles are being tucked into goody bags for pets at luxury hotels and are even the featured "cocktail" during Yappy Hour at Echo, a five-star California restaurant.

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Check out the product at the K9 Water Company